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Kojumi Art

About Kojumi Art

Mature Content - Kojumi does display mature-content rated images, but not without warning. All mature images are mild. Sexual themes may be present but not sexual content. If sexual content does surface ever it will be properly marked and will not be very explicit. If there are any concerns about my artwork by parents, etc, feel free to use the comment box on the main art page to inform me or e-mail me at


Original Artwork - All artwork is one hundred percent original. I never trace or copy anything and reference is seldom used. I draw my original characters and my girlfriend’s original characters. Fan characters are appropriately labeled as fan characters and I never rip off anyone’s characters. My original characters can only be re-produced with permission or as gift art for Kojumi. My girl’s original characters can not be drawn without permission from her (you can get that by contacting me) or as gift art for Kojumi. All gift art must be sent to me via e-mail, my GaiaOnline, my TheOtaku, or via a URL sent in a Kojumi comment box.


Using my art - Can you use my art? NO. Can you ask to use it? Yes. E-mail me at and no other e-mail. You MUST have e-mail conformation from THAT e-mail or else you can not use ANYTHING I HAVE EVER CREATED. Not for comercial use or to pass off as your own. I doubt I'll ever let anybody use my artwork but you can still try if you'd like.


Free Art - I do not do requests. (Specifically) But, if you'd like to request a theme (month, anime, etc) that you think Kojumi should have I will be more then happy to think about it and hopefully do it. I will do art trades but only with people whos art I'd like. (No offense to anyone)


Purchasing Art - I only do commissions via You can pay me in Gaia gold or Gaia items. I also take art trades. So far that's the only place I sell art.


If you require more information about Kojumi art please contact me.

All art displayed anywhere on Kojumi and Omyasaka's Gaia account is property of the Kojumi Project. ( Do not use without permission.

Kojumi : TheOtaku : deviantART : GaiaOnline