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Kojumi Art

Kojumi Manga

Ah, manga! I haven't done very much in a while. Sorry ^^; I might be more motivated if I knew anyone even comes here anymore P: Oh well...I'll try to make more. Promise! (Older manga will no be displayed here. For that, you must go to the Kojumi main home page. Sorry.)


Please no stealing. I don't want to have to put a huge watermark on everything. And if you see any of my manga pages anywhere but the listed locations, please report it! Thank you.


Old Kojumi manga.

Boondocks Fan Manga

Title: One Afternoon

Label: Doujinshi, Yaoi

Rating: PG-13 (Sexual suggestions)

Quality: Full-Color

Pages: 3 out of 4

Uploaded Places:,


Done for the person I like. I love Boondocks and making this was more then fun ^ ^ If you do not like yaoi, do not look at it. I'm warning you fairly of the content so get over it.

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