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Kojumi Art

Art Extras

All here to hopefully make drawing a little easier for you. I don't do these often, so sorry about that. Feel free to request something if you wish and I will try to get right on that ^  ^

Paper to Paint Tutoral

Paper to MS Paint Tutoral (Ignore reference to description links. It was made to be helpful on deviantART.) Take you scanned line arts and use MS Paint to make them look like they were done in a fancy program. (For people with and without a mouse.)

Before and After

Importance of Tones: Bide-by-Side In my program Manga Studio, flat color isn't enough. I believe this is the case with all programs. Or, at least, programs that are too difficult to make tone-like things themselves. This side-by-side of page three of my Boondocks yaoi doujinshi shows this importance. (Please ignore the watermark. I have reasons for not being able to remove it.)


Art Details: Cats Hate Dogs I feel it would help people out if I provided close ups of some things. Here's the detail shots of my art piece Cats Hate Dogs ^  ^ (Available only on deviantART and TheOtaku. Once again, I have resons for the DA watermarks.)

Request an art extra from Jess here. Feel free to request anything you like as long as it will help out in some way with art.

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All art displayed anywhere on Kojumi and Omyasaka's Gaia account is property of the Kojumi Project. ( Do not use without permission.

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