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Kojumi Art

"Tae" Octavian Mathew Johnson

Birth Date: August 21, 1988
Home State: Kentucky
Favorite Color: Orange
Occupation: Mechanic

School: In college to be a math teacher

Appearance: Light brown hair always pulled back, soft caramel skin, green eyes with three brown rings, koy fish tattoo on left arm, dragon tattoo on right arm, "Courtney" tattooed over his heart, "Seanie" tattooed between his hip bone and penis on his right side, "Mrs. Johnson" tattooed between his hip bone and penis on his left side, 6'4, 223 lbs

Siblings: Little brother (G)

Status: Married to Z with two biological children (Chantel, Dameon, Lucifer) and two from other women (Micah, Tessa), married to Sean

Friends: Jess, Pookie, Sean, Kai, Magnus, Cranie, Z, Dwayne, Mauri, etc

Hobbies: Cars, playing PS3, politicial studies

Arrested: 6 times

Usually Wears: Whatever he can find, gold eyebrow hoop ring, square diamond ear rings

Transportation: Black cadilac, Black 2008 Chrysler 300 (wife's car)

Race(s): White, Black

Orientation: Bi
Afraid of: Heights
Tae in the ORP so far:
Tae has been permitted by his wife Z to marry his boyfriend Sean. He got him a white tiger cub as a wedding present and they are about to go on their honeymoon together.

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